Welcome to Momento Medico Group website!

Dear Friends,
Welcome to Momento Medico Group website!
Before starting your navigation, pls let me give you info about the peculiarity of this website.

At first sight this may appear to be a "traditional" catalogue on line, but...

Our website has been built with the purpose to be
a practical tool to those publishers interested in "translation rights" -especially  to those interested in local sales to Pharma Companies.

In the Search box, in fact, you may traditionally search  for any keyword, or field, or any word in the title, or publication year, or Series, etc…
Not only!!! You may also search  for the name of the  Pharmaceutical Sponsor and even  for the sponsor drug as named in English!

This is thanks to the fact that each publication lists, besides  the “traditional” editorial details (author, size,  page number, internal colours, etc..), also innovative info such as original Pharma sponsor, original sponsor drug, rights sold, …!

  • this is a very good starting point to immediately locate potential local sponsors for all the publications dealing with therapy (all the companies which locally market the original  sponsor drug)
  • this is not a limit: the so called "service publications" (those with no therapy, such as the Crossing Drugs Series, the LABbestTEST Series, the Illustrate Dictionary Series, the Laboratory investigations Series, etc...) can be easily sponsored by whichever Pharma Company, regardless of the original sponsor.

Enjoy your navigation!

Daniela De Feo (Mrs)
Head of Foreign Rights, MM Group



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