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Momento Medico was founded in 1986 by two physicians, with the specific intent to develop and produce targeted communications and promotional material to fulfill pharmaceutical industry communicational needs, with a rigorous eye to the scientific rigor of the contents.

Today, with its 25 years of experience and exclusive distribution of 6 different imprints, MM Group is a leading reality in the Medical-Pharmaceutical Publishing.

We hereby introduce you our catalogue of medical books, please feel free to contact us to receive copies of our specialized catalogues, too:
•    monographs on drugs / special articles on…. series ® / congress reports
•    illustrate material for the counselling with the patient: posters, table calendars, tear pads, …...
•    drug dosage charts - diagnostic charts  
•    clinical cases in ….. series ®

We are both open to discuss options requests and exclusive territorial  licence agreements for translations of MM publications.

Please contact us, we are at your full disposal!

Daniela De Feo
Head of Foreign Rights

Contact Us

Direct line: + 39 089 3055611
Fax: + 39 089 301809



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